Test & Certificates

  1. DELF – DALF
  2. TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français)
  3. TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français)

TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français)

What is the TEF?

The Test d'Evaluation du Français is awarded by the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris/Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris). This certificate is valid for one year from the date the exam was taken. It is a reliable assessment of a candidate's knowledge of French.

Who can enroll?

TEF is designed for any non-native speaker of French and does not require any specific qualification.

Whom does it concern?

This test targets:

  • All students (except those of French origin) who wish to evaluate their competence in French, and obtain a recognized attestation by the French Ministry of National Education. This especially is for all students who seek admission in French universities. Any student who obtains a level 5 in the written expression of the TEF examination will be allowed to join a French University in the premier cycle.
  • Every working person who needs to prove his level in French.
  • Every person who wishes to go to Canada either for higher studies or job purposes.

What does the exam involve?

3 compulsory tests 2 optional tests
  • Reading comprehension (60 minutes)
  • Listening comprehension (40 minutes)
  • Language structures and vocabulary (30 minutes)
  • Writing (60 minutes)
  • Speaking (35 minutes)
Compulsory Test:

There are a total of 150 questions:

  • 50 questions for reading comprehension
  • 60 questions for listening comprehension
  • 40 on vocabulary and language structures

In each part of the test, the questions increase in difficulty.

For each test, the candidate must write their answers on the answer sheet provided, which is then corrected by the CCIP.

Optional tests

A candidate may choose to do one of the two options, or both at the same time, within one year of the compulsory tests having been taken.

Writing: in the first part, candidates must write a story using the past tenses and in the second part they must express and defend their point of view.

Speaking: in the first part, candidates must obtain information by asking questions. In the second part they must talk about the subject of a text and lastly defend their point of view.

For more information and to schedule an exam, please contact us. You can also visit the website below for more information on the TEF and its variants http://www.centredelanguefrancaise.paris/tests-diplomes/test-evaluation-francais-tef/