Multimedia Library

The Multimedia Library of the Alliance Française strives to enrich its members’ experience of the language with exposure to the wider French culture. We provide a wide selection of items to complement your studies, specialising in cultural and educational materials to help users improve their French language skills and knowledge about Francophone Cultures and Countries.

The Multimedia Library offers over 4,000 books, including books on Art and History, fictions from francophone writers, workbooks, comic books, and more…300 books for children, 300 music CDs, 300 DVDs (fictions and documentaries) for both adults and children and also newspapers, magazines, VHS...

The Multimedia Library is here for your personal, professional, recreational or educational needs. Consultation of materials on site is open to all and is free of charge.

Lots of new items coming soon for your reading, listening and viewing pleasure...Come and discover an exciting new world in French!

Lending Conditions

Borrowing of books and other items is restricted to members of the Alliance Française de la Jamaïque.

A valid Alliance Française membership card must be presented when borrowing items.

Students wishing to use the multimedia library will have to get a library access card for J$500 – valid one year.

Items marked “For reference at the Alliance only” cannot be borrowed. New magazines and periodicals cannot be borrowed.

Lending Period Deposit Rental Fee Late Fee
2 Books 2 weeks - - $30 per day
2 Newspapers 1 weeks - - $30 per day
Exercise Books for reference only
2 Comic Strips 1 week - - $30 per day
2 Video Cassettes 1 week - - $30 per day
2 CDs 1 week j$500.00* j$100.00 $50 per day
2 DVDs 1 week j$1,500.00* j$200.00 $50 per day

*Deposit is repayable upon request once the borrowed item has been returned in good condition.

Extension and Late Fee

The lending period for the borrowed items can be extended once only, either by email, phone or in person at the Library, as long as another person has not already reserved the item. The request for an extension must be made no later than the original due date.

All late returns will be subject to a fine per item per day. All further borrowing rights are suspended if any late return remains outstanding.

The Library staff reserve the right to refuse further lending to members who have returned items in poor condition. A fine may also be levied.