The Alliance Française de la Jamaïque

A Bit of History:

The Alliance Française is a state-approved organization, founded in 1883 in Paris to spread the teaching of French all over the world. Its network welcomes more than 420,000 students in 137 countries.

It is a non-profit organization which is not affiliated to any political or religious organization. It is managed by a Committee composed of members, elected by a general assembly, and managed by a French national director.

The mission of the Alliance Française de la Jamaïque is to teach French, promote French and Francophone cultures and reinforce ties between France and Jamaica.

The Alliance Française de la Jamaïque is:

A Language Center : which proposes classes for everyone from Youngsters to Adults and from Beginner to Mastery ! The Alliance Française de la Jamaïque provides: French group classes for all levels and ages, Conversation courses, Customized courses (tourism, business...), Crash Courses for Corporate clients, French Summer Camp Program and English courses for non English speakers.

An Exams Center: The Alliance Française de la Jamaïque offers exams preparation for CXC French, DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF.

It is an Exams center for the following diplomas:

The methodology used at the Alliance Française is based on all linguistic competences and a communicative approach: listening, reading, speaking and writing...

A Resource Center: thanks to its Multi-Media Library where you can find at your disposal:

  • A variety of French books: Literature, Contemporary novels, Art, Comics, Exercise books, Books for children, Books and guides about France, French magazines and newspapers…
  • DVDs and Videos: Movies, Cartoons and Documentaries in French with English subtitles
  • CDs of traditional and contemporary artists
A Cultural Center:
  • “The Movie of the Month” : A French or Francophone movie with English subtitles is shown in the garden of the Alliance once per month. It is a free event, everyone is welcomed.
  • Literature and poetry competitions
  • International contests with Trip to France to be won.
  • Cultural Exchanges with other Caribbean Islands
  • La Fête de la Musique: a French national celebration which occurs every year in June. We celebrate Music all day, all night…
  • The International Day of Francophonie: an annual event on March 20th, French Language is celebrated all around the World.
  • French Cultural Celebration: Christmas, La Galette des Rois, Mardi-Gras...
  • Francophone Film Festival: is an annual event, in partnership with the Francophone Embassies of the island. A different kind of Cinema is put out in open air every day for two weeks....It includes movies and documentaries from Francophone countries.
The Alliance Française de le Jamaïque is also offering other services :
  • Interpreting : French and English
  • Translation : English to French, French to English